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Revoke-Obfuscation has been used in numerous Mandiant investigations to successfully identify obfuscated and non-obfuscated malicious PowerShell scripts and commands.

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Matt Knight Senior Software Engineer, Threat Research at Bastille.Find and save ideas about Bitcoin wallet on Pinterest. Trend Micro warns against a new.Sean Kanuck Stanford University, Center for International Security and Cooperation.

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We trust that if someone is inside our home they are supposed to be there.

This presentation is a detailed write-up of the exploit development process for the vulnerability in Cisco Cluster Management Protocol that allows a full takeover of the device.The problem with this approach is that it assumes that EAP is exclusively a perimeter defense mechanism.

The Iraq War and other conflicts have spurred the development of mass surveillance technologies and techniques that are now widely available to domestic police.Active Directory (AD) object discretionary access control lists (DACLs) are an untapped offensive landscape, often overlooked by attackers and defenders alike.The talk will demonstrate how the tool can scan for partial structures, detect complex data structures such as binary trees or linked lists, detect class-instances living on the heap, and even group detected class instances by their types.He believes strongly in the need to teach the next generation of technical citizens.Amit Klein Amit Klein is a world renowned information security expert, with 26 years in information security and over 30 published technical papers on this topic.Nathan Seidle Nathan Seidle is the founder of SparkFun Electronics in Boulder, Colo.

As always, the panelists look forward to answering your questions.His main focus is Android application security testing and developing new static and dynamic analysis techniques for app security evaluation.Electrum bitcoin wallet. The value of the first bitcoin transactions were negotiated by individuals on the bitcointalk forums with one.Steganalysis and other defensive forensic countermeasures are notoriously difficult, and our exfiltration techniques highlight the growing threat posed by automated, AI-powered red teaming.Oleksandr Mirosh Senior Security QA Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.We tackle the difficult problem of finding the function, owners and locations of these devices using OSINT and Maltego.Join us as we walk through the fundamentals of radio exploitation.Finally, we will provide recommendations on how to determine if your code is vulnerable, provide remediation advice, and discuss alternative approaches.In October of 2016, a teenage hacker triggered DTDoS attacks against 9-1-1 centers across the United States with five lines of code and a tweet.

Kasparov became a pro-democracy leader in Russia and an outspoken defender of individual freedom around the world, a mission he continues as the chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation.But hey, it also is the most feature rich, and the most-secure hardware wallet and when compared on the features:price ratio, it totally seems like a fair price to pay.We will also propose possible security fixes and recommendations on how to avoid the vulnerabilities.Steinthor Bjarnason Senior Network Security Analyst, Arbor Networks.As a countermeasure, we will provide various techniques to circumvent them, allowing hackers and security researchers to unpack the secrets they withhold.One software product that red teamers will almost certainly find on any compromised workstation is Microsoft Office.Jason Hernandez Jason Hernandez researches surveillance technology and reports on it for the North Star Post.Software Defined Networking is no longer a fledgling technology.We then show how to apply these techniques to the STM32F205 which is the MCU on the Trezor and KeepKey.

Given the (abyssal) state of automotive cybersecurity, ginsback aims to develop and field tools for V2X that open collaboration with the hacker community.Hear about everything from making laws more hacker friendly to encryption to government bug bounties to IoT security.Andrea is also a faculty affiliate of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School and a visiting research collaborator at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, where she was the Microsoft Visiting Professor of Information Technology Policy during 2014-15.Max Bazaliy Max is a Security Researcher at Lookout with more than ten years of experience in areas as reverse engineering, software security, vulnerability research and advanced exploitation.It is in the soul that the battle rages every moment of life.Christopher is an avid computing enthusiast hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

This reveals an evolution in the threat landscape that most organizations are completely unprepared to deal with and will require a fundamental shift in how we defend against DDoS attacks.We have uncovered the way BITS maintains its jobs queue using a state file on disk, and found a way for a local administrator to control jobs using special modifications to that file.Chris Quartier Chris is the lead embedded hacker at Cryptotronix.We present a novel statistical technique that allow us to discover botnet and bulletproof hosting IP space by examining SSL distribution patterns from open source data while working with limited or no seed information.We will demonstrate that RCE is also possible in these libraries and present details about the ones that are vulnerable to RCE by default.Holding no official training or technical employment, 0ctane spends most of their free time building and restoring older computer systems, hanging out at surplus stores and tracking down X86 alternatives with an occasional dabbling in OSX and 802.11 exploitation.