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It takes a strong stomach to buy the virtual currency, but some investors believe it could be a smart move.

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For example if it becomes a widely used tool for international remittance the functionally necessary increase in value makes it almost inconceivable to think that it would not also become a popular store of value.

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Bitcoin Cash soars more than 100% to record high above $900

I feel sorry for people like you but whats more is it makes me angry when people like you confuse other people to pour their lifesavings into bitcoin who then just get margin called or to that effect.

However, like any movement (be it Tea partiers, OWS) the loudest voices are the dumbest ones.If you are new to Bitcoin, check out We Use Coins and You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki.Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link.Some quick technical analysis: Bitcoin has more than quadrupled in price since January, with a parabolic growth curve.New cash resolving. cryptocurrency, Gamble, investing, Worth.

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Worst case scenario for the Bitcoin chain is that it gets stuck and is forced to hard fork to a new PoW algo.

As for trading I trade Bitcoin full time and am successful at it, you can be a market participants and still not hold them and expose yourself to the risk by holding them constantly.Mining Wars Making all of this even more complicated is the fact that Bitcoin Cash uses the same SHA-256 proof-of-work algorithm as Bitcoin, which means that miners who have invested in ASIC rigs can mine either chain.This could mean that in November, Bitcoin could split again and we could actually have 3 different versions of Bitcoin.

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Or a thousand other scenarios which might not be very likely, but definitely possible.

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Bonus bitcoin is among the best bitcoin faucets available today, and it is completely free.Holding both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash seems like a winning strategy because at least one chain is likely to continue to provide the peer to peer electronic cash that put Bitcoin on the map in the first place.

And if Bitcoin cannot soon offer competitive fee rates, it will continue to lose users and merchants to Bitcoin Cash.Personally, I am holding my Bitcoin while continuing to accumulate Bitcoin Cash.If you force me to stop doing my opinion, I might send you a punch in your eyes.OF COURSE everybody and their grandma is going to say yes in that subreddit.

If Segwit2x does not activate, then there will only be Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash.But if it survives, soon it must grows fangs and claws, and its appetites will rise.While waiting you might as well help spreading the idea further.As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks.

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Some of us are excited about Bitcoin Cash (BCash) as the price spiked significantly.I think Bitcoin remittance companies can maybe out compete WU in a few markets in the short term, but that market will continue to mature as will the international banking system.If we assume that miners are generally rationally selfish and profit driven, they will mine on the chain that is the most profitable.How to invest in bitcoin. and also reasons why bitcoin has value and worth investment. and quickly as you deal with cash exchanged to bitcoins.

As for ATMs, most of the ones that have been produced are cheap remodels of older ATMs with cheap hardware and software slapped on, causing either one or more of the security measures to fail or just the entire thing failing entirely.

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This may be part of the reason that Bitcoin is priced so high right now.Claes Bell,. and that cash is backed by the financial — and literal.No matter how much these oh-so-full-of-themselves people want to bluster about BTC, nothing addresses any of the issues I have brought up.However, Bitcoin Cash will likely only be worth a fraction of bitcoin.However, the 2x agreement did move forward and Bitmain did not implement the plan.They will be accepting bitcoin cash in January. they have the customer.